SevenHills Fabrication, part of the Steetley Corner Group of companies, has expanded its production to include bespoke tube bending through inward investment. SevenHills, which can trace its history back to 1926, has invested £60,000 in a state-of-the art electric tube-bending machine to broaden its offer and complement its established design, consultancy and fabrication services which includes laser cutting and welding specialisms.
The new facility is part of a wider investment programme for the Sheffield company as it gears up for industry 4.0 automation and data exchange across its manufacturing technologies to address future growth.Managing director of SevenHills, James Harding-Terry, said: “The installation of a tube-bending machine not only adds significantly to our ability to function as a one-stop-shop for fabrication projects, it is an important stage in the company’s transition to industry 4.0 which is essential for future-proofing the business. “It is a highly flexible piece of equipment with a range from 16mm up to 60mm external diameter tube and allows for bending complex tube geometries within seconds of programming.
“As we look to expand our operations and build on consistent growth patterns, we are not only dedicated to training apprentices in cutting edge manufacturing and fabrication technologies, we are complementing those skills sets with the next generation of machinery which will become a standard for British manufacture.”

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